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53’ Electric Brake Step Deck

Shipshe’s 53’Step Deck Electric Over Hydraulic Brake features an 8’ 6” upper deck and a 44’ 6” main deck. The unique angled transition from the upper deck to the main deck is a standout design that sets this model apart from its competition. This feature allows for an easier and more efficient operator loading experience while giving it an unmatched appearance. Included in the base price of the trailer comes our “Shipshe Hauling Package”. This package features a 9,000lb winch with a center track loading system allowing this trailer to haul a wide variety of freight.

Standard Features & Equipment:

  • 53’ x 102” wide
  • 2-8K torsion axles with electric over hydraulic disc brakes and single wheels
  • 245/70R-17.5 Cooper tires mounted on silver steel rims
  • Angled floor transition from top deck to main floor
  • Star pooch steel deck that accommodates the over the wheel securement system
  • Stake pockets and rub rail
  • Spare tire and carrier
  • 2-48” steel toolboxes with aluminum doors
  • Black Durethane paint
  • LED lighting

Shipshe Hauling Package:

  • 9,000 lb. worm gear winch with a 65’ wired controller
  • Lodar wireless winch remote system
  • 12volt battery in driver side toolbox to power brake actuator                                             
  • Center track loading system
  • 3-ball towers
  • 1-Jack wheel
  • 48” front stinger extension with double flip ball
  • 2-10’ aluminum loading ramps
  • 2-4’ aluminum transition ramps from the top deck to the main deck
  • 12-over the wheel straps & rachets
  • Forklift plug mounted at the front of the trailer

Custom Options (Not all shown):

  • 10K torsion axles with electric over hydraulic brakes (disc or drum) 
  • 15K spring axles with electric over hydraulic brakes and 17.5 dual wheels (drum brake only)
  • Lowered center rail
  • Aluminum deck
  • 30” aluminum front pullouts
  • 30” steel rear pullouts
  • Additional toolboxes
  • Aluminum toolbox upgrade
  • Closed center deck between I-beams

FEATURES and equipment Click on image to get a closer look